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What is the maximum speed?

In the U.S., the carts are also driven on public roads and can be driven at a maximum speed of 30 kg per hour. However, for safe driving on golf courses, the maximum speed can be set to a speed that is safe for you to specify.


What is charging time?

The lithium battery can be  fully recharged in 5hours.Also a single charge will last 4 rounds on  typical course, so there is no problem even if the battery is recharged once very 2-3days


What type of carts  do you offer?

Sorry We do not carry it.

We only deal in self-propelled manual type golf carts


What is bag type?

It is a vertical two-bag type (American style). There is no diagonal type.


What abot daily maintenance?

Daily maintenance is not required, but simple cleaning on a regular basis will ensure comfortable use. We also recommend periodic checkups and other maintenance about once a year.


Are leases or rentals available?

Leasing and rental are also available.We offer purchase though leasing companies used by golf courses, as well as rental plans that can be used immediately with a simple procedure.


Is it customizable?

A variety of optional accessories (extra charge) can be added. Tires, rain covers, speakers, seat belts, and various other options are available.


​What about off-golf course use?

They are used for transporting employees on hotel grounds and for transporting luggage at golf courses and leisure facilities.


Electric cart?

Yes, all of our golf carts are electric carts. Because they are motor-driven, they are quiet and do not disturb other players, with no exhaust emissions.


How long is battery life?

It is difficult to make a general statement because the shape of the course (elevation differences) and driving conditions have a great impact, but the lithium battery can be recharged more than 3,500 times.


Is there a quality guarantee?

This product is guaranteed for one year from the date of purchase. We will repair or replace the product free of charge if the product malfunctions under proper conditions of use. (Damage or defacement caused by accidents or other causes are not covered by the free support.)


Does the charge support 200V?

Yes, it can be used without any problem. However, it is necessary to use a dedicated charger compatible with both 100v and 200v to charge the battery. Please contact us for more information about facilities, etc., as they vary depending on the number of units.


​Can i choose body color?

Basic colors are available, but original colors can be set as an option. Logo marks and golf course name cutting sheets are also available.


​Can i take a test ride?

We have test rides available for you to try on the course. Of course, there is no cost. If you wish, you can leave the car with us for a week or two to check its usefulness in actual operations. (Not available for personal use).


Can I buy individually?

Individual purchases are also possible. However, please check with the golf course directly to obtain permission before using the golf course.

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