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It enables real-time vehicle management just by installing it.

In conjunction with GPS, the location information of each cart (golf cart / caddy cart) is collected. It also has a geofencing function that controls cart intrusion by setting it from a dedicated screen.
It also has a mode that manages the overall operation based on the collected location information. For more informationinquiryplease give me.


Real-time management

All carts can be monitored from the master room as long as there is radio reception in the area.The pace of progress can be set in detail, so it's possible to see which carts are lagging behind.


Management by Message

Messages can be sent directly to delayed carts to hasten play. (Under normal conditions, the distance to the front, center, and back of the green is always displayed.)


Managing Hazards

You can set a restricted area and control carts that enter that area. If a cart should enter the restricted area, a warning will be displayed on the management screen

The setting will be the setting of 18 holes. For 18 holes or more, there is an additional charge for system setup only. However, the rental fee and installation fee will remain the same.

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