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MOVE-EV has started handling the “STAR EV (US)” golf cart series in addition to the standing cart MOVE-SR series. STAR-EV is an American electric golf cart brand. Its comfortable ride, power, performance, and safety have been proven, and it has been actively introduced not only to golf courses, but also to more than 50 military, university, and other government facilities.

《​ Company Profile》

〈 Name 〉

〈 establishment〉

January 6, 2003


〒526-0013 Shiga Nagahama Shinjyoteramachi152

〈 Share capita 〉

16,500,000 yen

〈 CEO〉

Toshiyuki Tanaka

〈 Business〉

Import sales and development, design consulting, etc.

〈 Client 〉

Yokohama Country Club, Tokyo Classic, Hokkaido Classic Golf Club, The Royal Golf Club, Hamano Golf Club, Taiheiyo Club, Wakamatsu Golf Club, Miyazaki Country Club, Phoenix Resort, etc.

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