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Harsh caddy work in summer

significantly improve

MOVE-EV's original stand-up caddy cart greatly reduces the stress of caddy work such as heat stroke, and also has a great effect in increasing the progress speed.

Supports work such as 1.5R and 2R by reducing stress for each round. We will greatly contribute to securing and utilizing valuable caddy human resources.


A finger accelerator that anyone can easily operate

The standing caddy cart uses a finger accelerator for easy operation. Acceleration and deceleration are possible with the strength of the index finger push. The cart will stop when you completely release your finger from the button.


Fast charging and very low round cost

With 3,500 recharges and up to 10 years without replacement, the electricity bill for one round is very low. Equipped with a lithium battery that can run 2.5 rounds with 3 hours of charging. In addition, it is an earth-friendly model that reduces CO2 emissions during power generation as well as electricity bills.

​ *Numbers for standard courses.

Super lightweight with LFP battery!

By adopting LFP (lithium iron phosphate battery), it is 50 kg or more lighter than the previous model. With a total weight of 170 kg, it is extremely lightweight, minimizing the impact on the lawn.


Extensive maintenance support.

Our professional maintenance staff visit every corner of the country to provide support. For customers who wish, we also offer a maintenance pack that allows us to carry out daily maintenance after the warranty period expires.


Introducing recommended points



It is quiet and does not interfere with golf play.

As it is motor-driven and electric, it has no engine noise and does not disturb the player.



Can easily run more than two rounds.

The high-capacity lithium battery allows for two rounds on a single charge.



Equipped with a powerful 36 V motor

The powerful motor makes it easy to ride uphill and downhill, even on steep slopes.



Switching switch, driving in low-speed mode.

The vehicle can be switched to low-speed mode for safe driving in garages and on steep hills.



Suspension reduces caddy leg pain

Suspension absorbs shocks even on bumpy tracks. Reduces strain on the feet and legs.



Adoption of ultra-long-life lithium batteries

Completely maintenance-free and can be charged and discharged more than 3,500 times.

Other frequently asked questionsherePlease refer to the.


Main introductory course for standing caddy carts

It is used at various courses nationwide, such as Tokyo Classic Club, Yokohama Country Club, Hokkaido Classic Golf Club, Hamano Golf Club, and Phoenix Country Club.

In addition to the caddy cart, it is also used as a transportation cart at hotels and golf courses.

​For detailsinquiryplease give me

■ Hokkaido ========
・Hokkaido Classic Golf Club

■ Kanto ========
・Athletic Garden Golf Club
・Toride International Golf Club
・The Royal Golf Club

・Abiko Golf Club
・Hamano Golf Club
・Tokyo Classic Club
・Pacific Yachiyo Course

・Camellia Hills Country Club
・Yokohama Country Club

■ Kansai ========
・Nara International Golf Club

■ Kyushu ========
・Koga Golf Club

・Wakamatsu Golf Club
・The Queenshill Golf Club
・Miyazaki Country Club
・Phoenix Country Club

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