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Is it easy to operate?

In actual cases where we have  guided our customers, the operation is so easy that most of them can ride normally within 5 minutes.

As for the basic operation, the finger gas prdal operated with the right hand is all that is needed to move and stop the car.


Electric cart?

MOVE is a single-seat electric cart

​Since it is an electric type driven by a motor, it has no exhaust emissions, is very quiet, and does not disturb the player.


How long is the battery life?

Although it is difficult to say, since the shape of the course (elevation differences), driving conditions, and other factors have a large impact, the standard is 10 years or more for lithium battery models and 2-3 years for lead-acid batteries. (In the case heavy use, the replacement time may be significantly earlier.)


What is the driver's weight limit?

For safety reasons, the driver's weight limit is 90 kg or less.


What to do on rainy days?

The carts are basically used for caddie operations and do not have a roof. A special rain cover is provided as an accessory to protect players' bags and belongings from rain.


What about daily maintenance?

Daily maintenance is not required, but simple greasing and cleaning of moving parts (accelerator, tie rods, etc.) on a regular basis will ensure comfortable use. We also recommend servicing the bearings and hydraulic brakes about once a year.


Can I choose the body color?

Basically black, white, and green are available, but original colors can be set as an option. Logo marks and golf course name cutting sheets are also available.


Are leases or rentals available?

We are also available for leasing.

We offer purchase through leasing companies used by golf courses, as well as rental plans that can be used immediately with a simple procedure.


Is it customizable?

We will accept modifications to the extent possible if you give us clear instructions. However, modifications are basically the responsibility of the customer and may not be covered by the manufacturer's warranty even under normal use. Please contact us for details.


Are non-caddie carts allowed?

Other than being used as caddy carts, they are also used for transporting employees on the grounds of hotels and for transporting bags for golf courses.


What is the maximum speed?

The maximum speed is set at 12.5km/h when the basic setting is left unchanged.The gas pedal lever can be used to adjust the speed for acceleration or  deceleration by pushing harder or harder.

It's is also possible to reduce the maximum speed or adjust the acceleration performance beforehand.


What is the charging time?

Lithium battery models are fully charged in 3 hours. In many cases, the lead battery model seems to be used at full 100% the next morning after recharging for 5-6 hours, followed by a slight recharge as it is.


How many caddie bags can I load?

Up to 4 bags can be loaded. Of course, it can also be used with one or two bags. The design weight of the four bags is up to 70 kg in total.


Is there a quality guarantee?

This product is guaranteed for one year from the date of purchase. We will repair or replace the product free of charge if the product malfunctions under proper conditions of use. (Damage or defacement caused by accidents or other causes are not covered by the free support.)


​Does the charge support 200V?

200V can also be used without any problem. However, it is necessary to use a dedicated charger compatible with both 100v and 200v to charge the battery. Please contact us for more information about facilities, etc., as they vary depending on the number of units.


How about small turns?

For golf courses that have used electric hand-pushed carts in the past, the larger size makes it more difficult to maneuver the cart.With the MOVE-SR, by using the L (low mode)mode button, it's possible to see an extremely low speed and safely return the cart to the parking space in the cart storage area.


Can it be towed?

Just in case it stops due to a malfunction, etc., it can be towed by operating the internal brake release lever/switch.


Can I take a test ride?

We have test rides available for you to try on the course. Of course there is no cost.If you want, we will lent you a car for one to two weeks free of charge.

You can also check the usability of the system in actual operation.


Is it possible to buy individually?

Individual purchases are also possible. However, please check with the golf course directly to obtain permission before using the golf course.


Can these run in water?

These cannot run in water.

MOVE is designed to be used in the rain, However, if the depth of water exceeds 5 cm, water may splash inside and flood the electronic parts, causing unexpected malfunctions. Please use caution.

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